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Hm... I guess if you like my art or any of my other stuff you can donate points here if you're up to it... u v u
Those who donate I will attempt to get llamas to and thank yous to... But I won't do any sort of point commission things, so bear that in mind when you donate.

I do do requests though, when I have time. c:

Thank you for visiting, and thank you if you read my drone! cx

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Another one!! 8D

For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them. (I will pick one character, don't tell me which one)

If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the original person in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1) :iconajasama: Aja and Riita by AjaSama - HHHH-- I HAD SUCH A HARD TIME PICKING BETWEEN THIS ADORABLE GIRL AND THAT BUNNY. I AM SUCH A SUCKER FOR BUNNIES. HELL, GO CRAZY OVER HER ART, IT'S FREAKING ADORABLE. Also, I like the fact that the Chikorita was involved in the profile. Aja and Riita are adorable~ cx

2) :iconthe-rad-queen: New OC. by The-Rad-Queen and Lovelia Redesign. by The-Rad-Queen - I COULDN'T CHOOSE SHH. CASCADE IS ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN' AMAZING AND LOVELIA IS TOO. LOVE THEM. NOW. But seriously I love the colors on both of these two. Just... hdfdskjds... Also their personalities. I know I'm terrible at explaining myself but I just love them ghffsdf--

3) :iconcaramelpuffpuff: Beatomedita -Bemedita- Fulffy Frially (new design) by CaramelPuffpuff - I THOUGHT I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CREATING WACKY CHARACTER WARDROBES HERE, WHAT GIVES?! Nah, I kid. That is a fabulous physical design though-- can you tell I'm a smidge biased on those oops-- and I think it's interesting that Bemedita here is a Simirror-Halcandrian hybrid... Didn't see that one coming, I tell you. Now I just have to go spend the rest of the day trying to find a nice portmanteu of the two... Sicaldrian? Halcamirror? See they're both large words... Darn, I'll be at this all day!! Pretty OC though!! c:

4) :iconx-wendigo-x: New Sith Characters Yay! by x-Wendigo-x - Alright, alright, I know, what gives. I love Nekros a lot, but I thought I'd bring in some fresh meat for people to attack with favorite ninjas. C'mon, it's another physical design I love. MONOTONE IS EPIC AND HARD, OK? IT'S REALLY HARD TO GET THE RIGHT GREYS AND IF YOU THINK I'M KIDDING YOU'VE NEVER F*CKING SEEN NM. I'm sorry, I'm on a huge roll on physical design today. I don't know much about Seran yet, but when I do I might try to make this seem less biased on the physical aspect. SERAN!


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Kumura Elana Kafuvael
heartbreak hurts more than the sharpest dagger, but the most fatal poison is that of the voice in the back of our head, laced with a deadly poison and ready to drip it into our fresh wounds.

Status Stamps by iSnowFairy
Requests - ASK ME by iSnowFairy If I'm bored enough I might just do it. ;)
Trades - ASK ME by iSnowFairy I have fun with trades sometimes, but I don't always accept. u v u;
Collabs - ASK ME by iSnowFairy I've actually only done one or two collabs, but... :shrug:
Commissions - DON'T DO by iSnowFairy Sorry, I just don't do 'em. Try asking me politely for a request though, I usually go through with them, though I tend to experiment a bit... uwu;
Point Commishes - DON'T DO by iSnowFairy Same as regular commissions.
Gifts - DON'T DO by iSnowFairy I don't really do gifts unless it's something I can remember and have been planning for a while... honestly, you can just request me and hope I can get to it. But why would you request from me? |D
ACEOs - DON'T DO by iSnowFairy Sorry, I just don't know enough about them to make one. u v u
Kiribans - CLOSED by iSnowFairy I don't have a special PV number in mind yet... yet...

(Stamps by iSnowFairy)

DA stamp - Roleplays 003 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - I Roleplay 01 by tppgraphics I do comment RPs mostly though. Notes are much too cumbersome in my opinion. If you're up for an RP, ask me out of character on one of my deviations or something, and I'll see what I can do. I speak OOC in small text and out of quotation marks, and narrate the actions of my characters. Different characters are differentiated by a line break in my posts. u v u

(Stamps by tppgraphics )

Magolor Love Stamp by Kumura

(Stamp by Kumura. Hey, that's me! B'aaw but I used a base. u 3 u)

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