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October 15, 2013
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Name: Unknown-- Title: "Immortal of Magic"
Occupation: Governs the concept of magic, cyclical things such as time, and the concept of "light"
Age: Unknown. Presumed Eternal.
Territory of Origin: Territory of Magic?
Territory of Current Residence: Territory of Magic
Personality: Very caring for his Citizens, doesn't like to solve things with violence.
Likes: Making his Citizens happy, Sunny days, day time, fireplaces, and interesting brick architecture
Dislikes: Sadness in his Citizens, Cloudy days, night time, being stuck in his tower all day long, and abuse of power
Race: "Immortal"
DOB: Unknown. Assumed Year 0.
Physical Appearance: Very bright blonde hair (it's like a lightbulb o v o) that is rather scraggy, green eyes. About 5'6''. He dresses in very formal attire most of the time, but when he wears casual, IT'S ALL TURTLENECKS, AW YIS.
I'm only doing on for the Immortal of Magic since I have a bunch of drawings I can scan for the others. |D

Additional info:
-His favorite color is green
-His territory is the most populous
-He does have an actual name, but few people get to know it
-He considers the other Immortals his siblings. Flames is his "little sister", Ice is his "older sister", Earth is that one "uncle" that no one ever really talks about and he kinda is awkward at the family gatherings but is actually a really nice guy, Life is his "younger cousin", and Shadows/Darkness is his "older brother" that no one likes to talk about because he likes stepping on other people.
-He's really nice to people that are lost and tends to teleport them into his tower to help redirect them
-He CAN leave his tower, but he CANNOT leave his territory. This goes for all the six Immortals too, not just Magic.
Anapokefreak Oct 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh yes, turtlenecks :heart:
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