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September 6, 2013
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FINALLY! SKYWARDS SWORD, I HAVE BESTED YOU! I’d ignore the fact I hadn’t beaten the final boss yet due to the fact I was waiting on a friend who was more indecisive about playing the game than I was.

My stomach rumbled as I approached Skyloft to get some potions and upgrade them. Gamer’s hunger, striking again, It was 3:00 AM. Could I risk sneaking down the stairs yet?

I felt my mouth water as I remembered the frozen packer of delight called a Hot Pocket that would be waiting for me in the freezer. I could taste the rich tomato sauce used in them, the scalding-yet-surprisingly-a-guilty-pleasure of the cheese, and the spice that brought the bread together with the pepperonis in holy matrimony CALLING MY NAME!

Three minutes. That was all I would need. Three silent but quick minutes. I could easily sneak down the stairs unheard, but camping down there for a whole three to four minutes? That was a whole different story.

My stomach rumbled again as I finally caved in, pausing the game and gently putting my controller combination onto my bed. Potions would have to wait. I needed sustenance. Silently sneaking down the treacherous stairs and past that creaky carpet-covered 6th step, I found myself in the kitchen soon enough.

Opening the freezer, the scent of frozen crystals met my food-seeking nostrils as my eyes watched the shelves diligently, looking for the box of Hot Pockets that would soon enough jump out.

It was not to be.

No, I could not find the box of Hot Pockets. Shaking in hunger, I closed the freezer and locked my gaze on the recycling bin, finding that, to my horror, someone had eaten the last Hot Pocket.



In mute agony I sunk to my knees, hugging my expiring stomach. Gaming night, ruined.
Three simple word/phrases were given to me.
That was all she gave me. And I made this horror story for you all.
Emotion- Anxious
Things you love- Video games
Taste- Rich

We've all been here before.
Anapokefreak Sep 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
ogod. the horror ; - ;
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